Addii per Bedard, nuovi inizi per Levitz

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Tavola da "R.E.B.E.L.S" (vol.II) #24

Tavola da "R.E.B.E.L.S" (vol.II) #24

Dopo la notizia della chiusura di “R.E.B.E.L.S.” (vol. II) – lo avevamo annunciato qualche giorno fa a questo link – parla lo sceneggiatore della serie, Tony Bedard, che confessa il suo stato d’animo sulle pagine del sito Broken Frontier:

When BF asked Bedard about his thoughts on the cancellation, the writer had the following to say:

“I’ve known for a long time that sales had dropped well into cancellation territory, but DC believed in the book and supported it long past where others may have chosen to cut it. I’ll always be thankful for that. We started talking actual cancellation a few months ago, though it wasn’t totally for sure.

At that point, Bedard decided to bring back Starro, to give him a chance to wrap up several dangling plot threads and send the book off properly in case the plug would indeed get pulled. And so it happened…

“The final word of our cancellation came down within the past month, but by then I was prepared and I don’t have any misgivings or regrets. This book did what it was supposed to do: Andy Clarke raised his profile and did that outstanding Batman and Robin story, Claude St. Aubin came in and proved his worth to everyone at DC, and I got noticed and wormed my way into the Green Lantern office, so mission accomplished. Best of all, some characters I really loved have become quite viable again. I don’t think this is the last you’ve heard of Vril Dox and company.”

Direi che il ragazzo l’ha presa bene, tutto sommato. Tuttavia, un tema delicato come quello della fine di qualcosa è sempre amaro, se non altro, in questo caso, per i fan, rimasti orfani delle avventure di Vril Dox II e della sua sgangherata compagnia di mercenari.
Per fortuna, possiamo consolarci con i toni, inevitabilmente più ottimisti, di questa intervista fresca fresca rilasciata da Paul Levitz ai ragazzi di Newsarama, nella quale l’autore del New Jersey rivela i suoi piani per il futuro della Legione. Di seguito, ho selezionato alcuni passaggi salienti delle parole di Levitz: leggeteli, se volete, consci del rischio di poter incappare in qualche piccolo spoiler.

Nrama: How does it lead into what’s coming in the Legion over the next year?

Levitz: It’s all built around elements that have been running through Adventure and Legion of Super-Heroes since Legion #1, and will build to pay off an awful lot of that as the storyline moves into the regular book.

We pull together so many different threads that have been planted, that affect different characters’ lives and different worlds. We’ll be making some changes and bringing in some of DC history. We’ll have some 20th Century places from the DCU suffering pretty dramatically in the special, as they come under attack. We’ll have other places that we’ve never seen before in the DC Universe become battlegrounds.

We have a great sequence of things taking place on Colu, which we have not had an enormous chance to explore over the years, even though that’s been a very familiar part of mythology. But the world itself hasn’t been explored perhaps as thoroughly as we get a chance to.

We introduce a bunch of new members to the Legion of Super-Villains who haven’t previously existed. We see how easily one villain can kill another in the right set of circumstances. These are not very nice people, and things happen among them. They’re not prone to behave nicely to each other any more than they are to the good guys.

Nrama: And Sensor Girl is still searching for Karate Kid?

Levitz: Yes. We established that in Legion #6, and that’s something that became a casualty of page counts, I’m sorry to say. But yes, we will get there soon.

Nrama: We know Mon-El is going to play an important role this year, if for no other reason than the election results. But can you point toward any other members of the Legion of Super-Heroes who are going to have an important role in 2011?

Levitz: We have some fun things coming up with Star Boy, so that guarantees that Dream Girl gets more attention than she’s had so far. She hasn’t perhaps had her fair share. In the next couple of stories, we’ll have some nice action for Element Lad. We have interesting moments with Brainiac 5 when he’s back on Colu. He’s not one of the underappreciated Legion members from this first year — he’s actually gotten a significant amount of time, but Yildiray [Cinar] really loves drawing him and does it very well. And Colu is always a fun place for the character.

We have some significant next steps in the whole long story of Earth Man, as we take that to its more final moment in its natural progression. A lot of fun with Ultra Boy, a little bit of fun with Wildfire. Lightning Lass gets a moment or two.

I think issue #13, which is the last one I turned in, I managed to have 19 of the Legionnaires in action, which in a 20-page story is pretty close to illegal. So I think people are going to feel good about seeing most of their favorites, whoever their favorites are, before this is over.

There’s a line that Brian particularly enjoyed in issue #12 where Diogene, the little larva from Oa, is bemoaning the size problem that is facing the universe at the moment, talking to Mon-El about the fact that in the old days, there would have been the Corps; now there’s just Sodam Yat and Mon-El. But Mon-El turns and says, “And the Legion. Never underestimate the Legion.”

So you’re going to see a Legion of Legionnaires before we’re done.

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