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Fabian Nicieza parla di “Legion Lost”… e della neo-continuity DC

martedì, giugno 14th, 2011
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Fabian Nicieza

Fabian Nicieza

La collana partirà solo fra tre mesi, ma Fabian Nicieza, genitore assieme a Pete Woods della futura “Legion Lost” (vol. II), ha già iniziato il consueto tour promozionale di interviste in lungo e in largo per i maggiori siti di settore d’oltreoceano.
Prima tappa Newsarama, ai cui redattori l’autore di “Red Robin” ha spiegato alcuni retroscena della serie. ATTENZIONE AGLI SPOILER!

Newsarama: Fabian, what interested you about doing a Legion comic? How did you hear about it, and why did you want this comic in particular?

Fabian Nicieza: The gosh-darned honest truth is that I was planning on saying “No” to whatever they offered. […] Between the IP management, consulting and development work I do with Starlightrunner Entertainment and being a co-founder/CCO for a kids sports-themed virtual world called FunGoPlay […], I seem to have a whole lot going on in my non-comics life.

[…] [Until] they offered me Legion Lost. And I was going to say no, I really was, but they said “Wildfire and Dawnstar and Timber Wolf,” and they kept talking, but I wasn’t listening too much because they named three of my favorite Legionnaires and I was thinking about them. Then I heard “trapped in our present day, you tell us why,” and then I looked around to see if I could get another beer… and I think they knew they had me, but I still tried to play it coy.

[…] Legion Lost is not exactly the Legion of Super-Heroes book at all. Their emphasis is on the word “Legion” while our emphasis is on the word “Lost”.
[The premise of the story is that the] characters come back in time to our present day in order to stop a future terrorist from ravaging Earth. His attempt to do so in their time failed, and he was sent into the past (which might have been the Legionnaires fault).
And even if the Lost succeed in stopping him, they might not be able to return home for fear of carrying a deadly pathogen back with them.

[…] So far, the book is this wonderful opening combination of desperation, confusion, sweat and a complete, unexpected inability to access all the common tropes the Legion have used when they’ve come to the past before. I guarantee this won’t be “business as usual” for the group in our time period.

Lo sceneggiatore ha inoltre fornito ulteriori informazioni sul progetto attraverso una sessione in progress di “Q & A” con gli utenti della message board ufficiale DC. (altro…)